Gettin’ Up to Date!

Hi-ho Su the author here! (points to anyone who knows where ‘Hi–ho!’ came from…other than the 7 dwarves) It’s once again been forever ago since I used this blog. So I figured now was as good a time as any to catch up. Lots of goings-ons with me and Dream Weaver Novels.

Dream Weaver cover cropped finalFirst, and possibly most exciting…Dream Weaver was named a finalist in the Readers Favorite International Book Award Contest in the Young Adult/Paranormal Fiction category! Damn! That’s a mouthful all on its own. But **squee**, isn’t that exciting??? I can hardly stand it! Guess we’ll find out in mid-September what the results are. Pins and needles until then.

Next, I released the third and final book in the Dream Weaver series entitled Breaking Normal. Originally, 6 years ago, it was going to be Private Eye. However, when the story unraveled, I discovered Emari Sweet wasn’t a PI, she was more of a police consultant. So the scramble began to re-title the thing. I knew it had to be something about ‘normal’ or more accurately, ‘abnormal’, since that’s all Em’s wanted since this whole nightmare began. Just normal. But when you discover that immortals truly exist, it’s next to impossible to find anything resembling normal. We tossed around Private Eyes (note the ‘s’) like the song; Shattered; Shattered Normal; Dare to Dream amongst others, but it kept coming back to Breaking Normal. But people asked, isn’t that too close to the TV show Breaking Bad? Finally, I appealed to a friend of mine, Jim Moser (Chasing Prophecy). He said, ya know, the show was geared to adults, not a teen audience, so it doesn’t matter if it’s close to Breaking Bad. Your audience is young adult. So, cool, I got my way anyway. Unfortunately, two other authors had the same idea, and two other books released since the beginning of June entitled Breaking Normal. Aw well. There’s only a billion Dream Weavers and Rock Stars out there. It’s not like there’s much under the sun that hasn’t been done.Breaking Normal front cover blue-001

So now, it’s on to marketing and promotion of the final book and the series. Tons to do there, as  you know. SO–here’s an opportunity to enter the giveaway of 1 of 5 signed copies of Breaking Normal on Goodreads. Reviews so far are 5 stars, the first came in within 24 hours. It blew my mind. I’ve contacted readers who reviewed Rock Star on Goodreads, and gave them the info on Breaking Normal. To my surprise, several had already purchased it or entered the giveaway; and I discovered I have more actual ‘fans’ than I realized. That was encouraging…and a little humbling.


All three series covers have been entered in the cover contest. Dream Weaver made it to the semi-finals in 2013! And your votes will count. I’ll post the links once they’re approved and go live.

dollarphotoclub-origami-just1dollar-286x240I’ve joined a great new graphics website called Dollar Photo Club. Not sure how I discovered them, but I absolutely fell in love with them. It’s super simple to join and they have the best image compilation of any I’ve seen. Their images are fantastic, and for just $10/month I get 10 downloads and extras are only a $1. Downloads you haven’t used carry over to the next month, so don’t lose anything. I was actually so impressed, I became an ambassador for them. So if you’re looking for professional, high-quality images for your projects and would like to help me out, follow this link: Su’s Dollar Photo Club. I thought I’d just use them for book images, (I did Breaking Normal, and redid Rock Star’s covers) but I’ve used them on other projects including a Facebook page called Dear Robin- Love Letters to the Lost Ones in RS red rocker fire skull front cover small file-001honor of the late great Robin Williams. The page is a place to write letters, not only to Robin, but anyone you’ve lost and didn’t get to say something to. It’s been well received so far, over 100 ‘likes’ in less than a week and some beautiful messages, posts and links have been posted. I invite you, if you’re a fan, to come and say ‘goodbye’ to the man loved by so many, or someone else you wish you’d said something to.

OK, I feel like I exploded all over you. Was it good for you? LOL Thanks for stopping by and listening to me ramble.

As Always!

Dare to Dream!



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